The Woodturner

Although I have been practical for as long as I can remember I  never had an interest in woodturning until 2004. For whatever reason (my wife and I  have different recollections!) the spark of my interest was fanned  and I got my first lathe and tools in October 2004. Although not a girly shop Axminster Power tools sold some cutlery items that required the turner to make handles for. My wife saw these and picked up a few items that took her fancy.

Since then I have made copious amounts of wood shavings with  the odd piece of wood remaining in some useable or decorative form, have been through a few lathe variants, have done the usual  turner act of aquiring more tools than needed and have made my fair share of “oh dear” cuts.

In Febraury 2011 I retired from the IT industry and turned my  woodturning hobby into a business partnered by Bernadette, my wife.  The repertoire has grown and I now make a variety of  novelty, functional and  decorative items which we sell at craft fairs or via the internet.

I am a member of the Erewash Valley Woodturners Association and a member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain.

Although I have come a long way since those early days there is always a lot more to learn  and GladTurnings is giving me the opportunity to grow and share the  experience with others.


Pat Murphy WoodTurner